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WOMEN'S CELEBRATION OF LIFE as our campaign and its slogan is "PEREMPUAN SIAGA" (Healthy Women, High Immunity, Fit & Happy) because it is every Women's rights!

To celebrate and encourage women who have succeeded, are struggling or who may be almost desperate in the face of their lives in this prolonged pandemic, Fittual Fest invites the whole community to rise up and think positively, filling the void of the soul and lack of knowledge that can nourish the body and mind. Fittual Fest programs are always educational, entertaining and fostering the spirit of competition.

Everything aims to make life more balanced and quality.

Charity Programs ABOUT US


Education that we will share to everybody would be accessible from wherever they are, will include three important things for self quality improvement, namely BODY, MIND &SOUL with the following details:

- Fitness Dance (Zumba, Strong Nation, PILOXING, Cardio Dance, POUND, Salsation, Aerodance and Traditional and Contemporary Dances)

- Fitness Workout : HIIT, Chalistenics, Fitness for Martial Arts, Body Weight Training, Yoga, dll

Short Courses from the Experts: Knowledge about Sports Event Management, Fitness Influencer’s Personal Branding, Make up, Fashion & Style, Financial Planning, etc

•SELF LOVE, Power, Intelligence, Wisdom from Soul Experts Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Soul Healing, Spiritual Blessings, etc

•Reality Show Stories

All of the above activities will be performed by certified instructors

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